Cadent HDMI Switch

Cadent 4x1 HDMI Switch


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The Cadent features cutting edge, premium design that is bound to take your home theater to the next level. Its custom, milled aluminum housing and capacitive touch control face hides powerful 4x1 switching functionality, featuring 4k compatibility, picture-in-picture previews of sources, and split-second switching times.

The Ultimate Home Theater Experience


PolyView™ takes the guesswork out of switching between your HDMI sources. Instead of being forced to remember which source is “HDMI 1,”  the Rivule gives you a live picture-in-picture (PiP) preview of each source, making it easy to switch to the right one.


PolyShift™ takes away the long waits whenever you switch between sources. In most switch or matrix setups you are forced to stare at a blank screen for  15 seconds or more before you can finally start watching your content, PolyShift™ can take this down to 1 second, depending on the TV.

Premium Design

We wanted the Cadent to be a home theater accessory that you don’t need to hide. It features a custom-designed aluminum housing, a capacitive touch face on both the Cadent and the included remote. 

Cutting Edge Performance
Meets Cutting Edge Design


Cutting-edge premium design
Transition between 4 sources
4k support
HDMI 2.0 support
EDID Learning
Included Remote