Rivule HDMI Matrix

Rivule HDMI Matrix


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Easily route up to 6 sources to 2 displays using the Rivule 6x2 Matrix. With 4k compatibility, PolyShift switching, and PolyView picture-in-picture technology the Rivule is bound to take your home theater to the next level.

Give Your Home Entertainment Experience an Upgrade


PolyView™ takes the guesswork out of switching between your HDMI sources. Instead of being forced to remember which source is “HDMI 1,”  the Rivule gives you a live picture-in-picture (PiP) preview of each source, making it easy to switch to the right one.


PolyShift™ takes away the long waits whenever you switch between sources. In most switch or matrix setups you are forced to stare at a blank screen for  15 seconds or more before you can finally start watching your content, PolyShift™ can take this down to 1 second, depending on the TV.

6X2 Matrix

The Rivule allows you to connect up to 6 sources to 2 TVs, giving you an amazing amount of flexibility when hooking up your home theater.

Build your dream
home theater experience.


Transition between 6 video and audio sources on 2 displays
4k support
HDMI 2.0 support
EDID Learning
Included Remote